This high-speed 2D AOI benchtop, single-sided model supports Medium size PCBs up to 250 x 330 mm, 10" x 13" in.


This high-speed 2D AOI, single-sided benchtop model supports Large size PCBs up to 500 x 460 mm, 19.7" x 18.1" in.

BF-Tristar II

Inspecting both sides of the PCB in a single pass. it is an ideal high-speed solution for processes like final inspection.

BF-Frontier II

Machine designed for single sided, single lane inspection of large size PCBs up to 460 x 500mm, 18" x 20" in.

2Di-LU1 Bottom Side

Bottom-scan AOI system for automated PCB back-end production. Ensure full traceability and Quality Assurance Data availability for back-end production. Prevent damage from manual or automated board handling by eliminating the need to flip the PCBs.

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