Volume Graphics

CT analysis software

We also offer products from Volume Graphics, a leading provider of CT software. Whether you are using the all-encompassing technology of CT or other 3D data formats such as point cloud, mesh, and CAD, the VG studio line for inspection and measurement will allow you to get all your requirements related to metrology, defect detection and assessment, material properties, or simulations covered in a single software.

Category Offline X-RAYs
Our solution Inspection in SMT, Testing and inspection in eMOBILITY
Supplier Volume graphics

The software is widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics and general engineering.

There are many ways to save time and money with Volume Graphics software and industrial CT.

The greatest benefits are

  • Defect detection and assessment
  • Measurement, simulation and everything else in one platform
  • Results with high accuracy
  • Comprehensive analyses of inspection
  • Useful for the most demanding application
  • Suitable for CT and other 3D formats
  • Easy to use GUI

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