3Di Series

The 3Di machines are one of the best full 3D inspection systems on the market. A closed-loop, dual servo-motor drive system, high resolution linear scale, and rigid gantry structure provide unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability for absolute measurements. Saki’s CoaXPress interface in the overhead camera captures images 1.7 times faster than previous models. Three camera resolution levels—7μm, 12μm, 18μm – are available to match application requirements. The software saves a full 3D image of the whole
PCBA, so the operator can create inspection data without using the physical board. Saki’s Self-Programming Function was developed on the concepts of Board less, Skill less, and Stress less. Accurate libraries are automatically created for both SPI and AOI based on the database and BOM data associated with about 300 000 types of components.

Category 3D AOI
Our solution Inspection in SMT
Supplier Saki

Main features and benefits of the device

  • Resolution 7 μm, 12 μm, 18 μm (version M, L) and 18 μm (version XL)
  • Inspection in the X, Y and Z-axis
  • CoaXPress camera for faster inspection & measurement process
  • Saki Self-Programming Software (SSP)
  • Compliant with IPC 610 standards
  • Height and extra component detection (ECD) functions
  • The Fujiyama algorithm providing complete through-hole joint inspection in a single step.
  • Feed-back from AOI to Pick-and-Place
  • Side cameras capture areas missed by overhead cameras
  • Flexible gantry for M/L/XL PCBA sizes and dual lanes
  • Ready to Industry 4.0
  • One common platform supports 3D-SPI and 3D-AOI

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