3Si Series

The 3Si machines are one of the best full 3D inspection systems on the market. A closed-loop, dual servo-motor drive system, high resolution linear scale, and rigid gantry structure provide unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability for absolute measurements. Saki’s CoaXPress interface in the overhead camera captures images 1.7 times faster than previous models. Three camera resolution levels—7μm, 12μm, 18μm – are available to match application requirements.

Saki’s unique Warpage Adjustment provides stable inspection for boards with large warpage such as flexible printed circuits. In addition to inspecting each solder desposit, we inspect the relative variations in the BGA to increase the quality of small and fine-pitch components. Use of Gerber and Placement machine centroid data make it possible to output and manage data by component, and use the same data for both AOI and SPI systems using Saki’s Self-Programming (SSP) Software.

Category 3D SPI
Our solution Inspection in SMT
Supplier Saki

Main features and benefits of the device

  • Resolution 7 μm, 12 μm, 18 μm (version M, L) and 18 μm (version XL)
  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection of the entire board
  • High resolution linear scale for accurate positioning
  • CoaXPress camera for faster inspection & measurement process
  • Saki Self-Programming Software (SSP)
  • Newly developed high-speed mode increases measurement and inspection speed by about 190%
  • Flexible gantry for M/L/XL PCBA sizes and dual lanes
  • Coplanarity inspection
  • Warpage adjustment

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