Wire harness test probes

As the demands in automotive industry grow bigger so do the demands on the wire harness and connectors. The contact probes from Feinmetall are the top in the field of wire harness contacting and testing.

Category Contact probes
Our solution Electrical and functional testing, Testing and inspection in eMOBILITY
Supplier Feinmetall
Wire harness probes are used in test modules or jigs as a counterpart to the original contacts.

These probes allow to test the electrical connection, insulation,correct position of elements or the stability of a connection with higher preload springs. The basic types of probes for wire harness tests are:

  • Threaded probes
  • Switch probes
  • Step probes
  • Push back probes
  • Twist proof probes
  • Position sensors

We will assist you with the choice of the best fitting probe or can design a complete test module for you.

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