High frequency probes

The high frequency testing is a growing sector thanks to the increasingly demanding applications from the automotive industry or consumer goods. Feinmetall offers a wide range of varieties for standard connectors used for frequency transmissions.

Category Contact probes
Our solution Electrical and functional testing, Testing and inspection in eMOBILITY
Supplier Feinmetall

The portfolio of HF probes covers applications from coaxial kelvin measurements to the variety of standard sockets like Fakra, HSD, SMA, SMB, SMC or direct contacts to open points on PCBs. We also offer the comparison to the products of other manufacturers such as Ingun or PTR.

Fine pitch

Fine pitch probes are extremely thin spring contact probes for the use in centers of 0,3-1mm. In most cases they are not mounted in receptacles but in blocks. Typical applications include testing of chips or in high frequencies.


Fakra-Male 6GHz
SMA-Female 8GHz
BMA-Male 5GHz
SMB-Female 6GHz
SMB-Male 5GHz
SMC-Male 5GHz
U.FL-Male 5GHz
Micro RF-Male 5GHz
PCB-Coax-open 4GHz
HSD-Male 2GHz
HSD-Female 2GHz
Fakra mikro 4x6GHz

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