Verifying the future



A huge advantage of the XRHCount is the simple operation principle. The operator just has to place a reel in the drawer and to press one button. The result will be shown immediately. A sophisticated validation scheme delivers a warning in the unlikely case of an uncountable reel. These reels can either be counted manually or submitted to the Counting Cloud. Therefore, this system does not need any regular engineer support and is maintenance free. Operators can be trained in a few minutes due to the simplicity.

• Fast Plug and Play setup in less than an hour
• Scan reels in moisture or ESD packaging
• Coverage of small component types like 01005
• Compact footprint and easy handling
• Integration of scanners and label printers
• Open warehouse-system interface
• Ergonomic touch-panel operation
• Short Return of Investment (ROI)
• Global online component database
• Designed and produced in Germany
• Trained first-line service worldwide
• Many successful installations globally
• Industry 4.0 solution for lean production
• Replaces old fashioned manual counters
• Multilanguage available


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