Inspex 3

Inspex 3 is a powerful, flexible and intuitive HD digital microscope designed around our new 30X HD Camera module.

This zoom camera module was designed by ASH to meet the industrial inspection needs of our customers. Inspex 3 is ideal for industries such as medical device, pharma, precision engineering and electronics.

Category Digital microscopes
Our solution Inspection in SMT, Quality in SMT
Supplier Ash

ASH has incorporated unique patented high-speed image processing algorithms that deliver exceptional image quality, super-fast focus speed, and smooth digital zoom that makes inspection simpler, ergonomic and efficient.

New features

  • Superb image quality – The Inspex 3 offers an enhanced, vibrant, crystal clear image for even the most demanding inspection applications.
  • Super fast autofocus – Place any part under the camera and it will immediately adjust the focus position allowing you to quickly and seamlessly inspect your part without having to adjust manual focus or change the height of the part.
  • Spotfocus™ – Quickly focus on the area of interest by simply using the mouse pointer.
  • AshTruColour™ – View true colour reproduction of your sample with the Inspex 3. Replicate real and accurate colours as seen with the naked eye for true colour representation.
  • RTLDC™ – Real-Time Lens Distortion Correction.
    Lens distortion is inherent in all microscopes. Image distortion at the outer edges of large samples is automatically corrected by the Inspex 3.

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