Hydra 4

Hydra universal and industrial E-ISP programmers are a clever solution for an easy integration in any ATE or ICT/FCT fixture.


Category Flash programmers
Our solution Electrical and functional testing
Supplier Novaflash


The system intelligence is located in this tiny programmer. Data between POD and master unit are exchanged through a proprietary high speed protocol called NOVALINK.

  • Extremely tiny size: 65x38x18 mm
  • Compatible with MCUs, Serial Memories, CLPD via JTAG, SPI, SWD, DAP, I2C, BDM, UART, ICSP, ISSP, SBW, etc.
  • Protocols targert IO voltage measurement


The central unit, called MASTER, contains interfaces, connectors and memories.

  • Host interface: 1Gbps LAN isolated RS232
  • Stand-alone mode with isolated ATE interface
  • Up to 4 independent and true parallel channels
  • NOVALINK transfer rate: 1 Gbps
  • Real time clock for log tracking
  • Possibilty to flash up to 64 devices in parallel


Hydra system includes user friendly host interface. Through the PC software you will be able to create a project with customized programming parameters.