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Hydra 4

Hydra 4

New product in IMT!

Hydra universal and industrial E-ISP programmers are a clever solution for an easy integration in any ATE or ICT/FCT fixture. 


The system intelligence is located in this tiny programmer. Data between POD and master unit are exchanged through a proprietary high speed protocol called NOVALINK. 

  • extremely tiny size: 65x38x18 mm
  • compatible with MCUs, Serial Memories, CLPD via JTAG, SPI, SWD, DAP, l2C, BDM, UART, ICSP, ISSP, SBW, etc. protocols
  • target board supply voltage and current measurements 
  • targert IO voltage measurement 


The central unit, called MASTER, contains interfaces, connectors and memories.

  • host interface: 1Gbps LAN
  • isolated RS232
  • stand-alone mode with isolated ATE interface
  • up to 4 independent and true parallel channels
  • NOVALINK transfer rate: 1 Gbps
  • real time clock for log tracking


Hydra system includes user friendly host interface. Through the PC software you will be able to create a project with customized programming parameters.


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